Affected by Violence


Have you been affected by violence and feel unsafe and affraid to go out?


There is a lot i could say about the increasing violence on our streets

and in our towns, but chances are, if you're reading this, then you already know!


70% of the people who come to me to learn how to defend themselves

have their own stories to tell and some of it is hard to listen to and I do listen!


From domestic abuse to bullying neighbours, life can be be

seriously miserable for the individuals who have been caught up in it.


I believe no one has the right to inflict

physical and mental pain and aguish on another person, male or female!


I have found that the majority of those affected have already made the changes needed for a better life, wether that be having moved to a different location or finally making the break away from their abusive partner.


This is a good step, but they still carry with them the fear of a similar

situation happening again and as a result of that, the experience of Life remains diminshed.


I work Hard to restore Self Confidence in people and

train them to become Skilful Fighters with plenty of options.


You will learn how to aviod certain situations, how not to escalate a problem along with conflict resolution.


But Make No Mistake, you will learn to Fight tooth and nail when these options are no longer viable, something you will learn to identify almost immediately!


You will also be taught how to overcome your fear of fighting back

and how to not be affraid of doing so!


I have extensive experience in this and know I can help

to rebuild a tougher, more outgoing version of you!


If my path is the one you want to go down, reach out to me and i'll take it from there.