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Personal Fitness & Self Defence Training fees are £55 per session.


Paying in advance guarantees you a set place in my diary and for possible sessions to follow.



To Save Money, check out my package deals and choose the one that’s right for you!


I am happy to train 2 people at No extra cost!





6 Sessions

Save £12

12 Sessions

Save £36

18 Sessions

Save £72

36 Sessions

Save £180


Please note -


The Gold and Platinum Packages, are only available when you sign up to train 3 times a week.


New - Knife Defence, Awareness & Avoidance Course = £600

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If you wish to go ahead with the training, payment should be made after the consultation or on the first agreed training session.


Cancellation Charges


Once your payment has been made, the fee is not refundable or transferable unless prior arrangements have been made.



Sports Therapy


Initial Consultation and Treatment £55


Follow Up Treatments £50



If you have something specific in mind regarding my services,

please let me know and we'll work it out!


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