Tanya Ross 2019


"A brilliant workout each week with Richard! Well planned dynamic lessons; detailed, really good fun, full of good clear instruction, with just the right amount of push to my limits. It's stimulating mentally as well as physically to learn new skills.


The main focus of the training is Self Defence, learning a series of kicks and punches, locks and throws; twisting and turning out of holds, simulating real life scenarios of threat and attack.


Although still at the beginning of my training, I feel that what I am learning will not only create a sense of confidence, but will also help grow an awareness of my surroundings when out and about, instead of just walking around with my head in the clouds! This is a practical programme as well as fun.


I feel the change in my stamina, flexibility and strength, motivating me to book further sessions to reach for higher goals!


I've found Richard to be very professional, conscientious and confident that he will absolutely get me to where I want to be...... Although, he does expect me to put in extra effort to stretch and practice during the week between our sessions and says he'll know if I haven't!!


Since he's encouraging and I've finally found an exercise programme that not only works, but i enjoy, that won't be a problem!


In the past I have started exercising but could never really keep it up, getting bored easily and lacking proper motivation and direction. Now I always look forward to my sessions!"


Additional Update - Dec 2021


Richard has been an absolute inspiration over the past couple of years, going above and beyond in his enthusiasm and belief in me that I too can become a personal trainer and with his guidance as my mentor, I have become exactly that!


With his knowledge in equipment and planning, he even designed my home studio and wall bar system and advised on all the equipment in my gym and I couldn't be happier with it!


Thanks Richard for all that you have done for me, I just hope that I can deliver for my clients the same high standards, passion and empathy that you show to yours!