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Hi, I'm Richard Rempel.


Personal Training In Your Own Home & Environment!


When it comes to personal training, what's it all about and what am I all about?


Quite Simply - It's all about you reaching your goals and with me, Exceeding them!


121-Training has been around since 1998 and has fine tuned its programming over the years to bring you a first rate bespoke service.



With 121-Training, your body transformation can be limitless!



If you are not happy about your weight or shape or the lifestyle that's led to it, take me on as your personal trainer and I will help you to achieve the changes you seek and stick with you for as long as you need me!


Dropping body fat and toning up are a natural part of any fitness programme,

but as your personal trainer, I make sure it's done right and that you remain injury free!



Reaching your goals is a journey thats done together and it is hard work, but the effort is always worth it and the results speak for themselves!


Motivation and Support is where I come in and I provide it by the bucket load!


I will teach you everything you need to know to not only achieve, but exceed your goals, in the setting of your own home and environment.


You will NOT be alone in this - I am with you, every step of the way!


Throughout your time with me, you will learn how to make your own informed choices regarding your fitness and nutritional needs, giving you back total control of your life!


"In fact, I'm so confident, that with my Personal Fitness Training, if you sign up for my Platinum Package and follow my advice to the letter, I will Guarantee you a 100% Refund on your investment if you do NOT reduce your body fat and feel fitter and stronger at the end of it!"


Have your own gym equipment? I will teach you how to Maximise its potential and if you don't, No Worries! I will bring everything with me that you need!


Unsure about using my services? Then check out what my clients have to say!

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You Won't Regret It!


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