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For your information, I opperate a No mask policy for inside and outside.


Not only have they been proven to be totally innefective, they have also been proven to have a negative effect on your health.


I believe in building a strong natural immunity through good nutrition and physical exercise!


If you have chosen not to be vaccinated with DNA changing gene therapy, you will still be most welcome at 121-Training!

                                                                                                            Rick Rempel


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Hi there and welcome to my site,


If you want to improve your health & fitness levels, lose weight,

increase your flexibility, strength and aerobic fitness,

but have never found the motivation you need,


Then give me a call and start working out with me as your personal trainer and learn to exercise safely and effectively!


Isolating yourself from others, staying inside and wearing masks is destroying immune systems.


Regular exercise has been proven to boost immunity and at no other time has it been more important to look after ourselves than it is right now!


So get off the couch, get your trainers on and together we shall reach your goals!


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I am Fully Insured and First Aid Qualified


I cover Worthing, West Sussex and the surrounding areas.