"I LOVE Camping High Up In Trees!"



So what am I like?


                                    I am......


......Easy Going, Professional, Quiet, Unassuming, Cheeky, Funny, Serious, Scruffy, Handsome (I did say funny), Determined, Observant, Understanding, Empathetic, Tough, No fool, Focused, All Knowing, Motivating, Honest and Protective of those i care about!......


I love the outdoors, climbing, kayaking, free diving, spear fishing, cycling, archery and pushing my limits.


I am married with two teenage kids and love making the most of our spare time together doing cool things as a family!


I can't stand social media and actively stay away from it! Maintaining this self build website is about as much as I can stomach being in front of a computer when there are so many more interesting things to do outside!


The self defence side to me started when I was fifteen. I saw an advert in the paper for a Martial Arts demo, went along and was instantly hooked! I developed a serious level of dedication which took me all over the country and Europe to compete in the championships.


I have been a competitive swimmer and water polo player and along with my other fitness interests and way with people, I naturally gravitated to becoming a top personal trainer.


Having seen and experienced first hand, fighting and sport related injuries, I developed a thirst for the knowledge to fix myself and others and am passionate about my sports therapy and injury rehabilitation success.



I absolutely love my work, always have!


Over the years It has been my privilege to have been part of transforming some truly amazing people's lives, many of which I still consider friends to this day.



Along with my training I love fixing injuries and getting people back to doing what they love. I have reset a broken arm and relocated shoulders, knees and ribs. I have repaired damaged muscles and reduced chronic pain levels in people suffering with

tight muscles, sore joints and arthritic pain.


As you can see, my work is really varied and I take everyone as I find them,

as no two people are alike.


Life is too short to NOT live it how you want to!


If you have things that you would really love to do, but have given up on believing you can do them - Think Again!


If your as passionate about changing yourself as I am about helping you -

We WILL make it happen!


Richard Rempel