Knife Defence, Awareness & Avoidance Course


No Prior Experience or Fitness Necessary!



After the recent attacks on London Bridge and all that has gone before and what is most certainly yet to come, I feel compelled to offer you a highly focused course that deals with Knives and Machetes.


The course will be based on 3 stages -


The First Stage will focus on Awareness of your immediate environment at any given time, identifying possible threats from vehicles, to who's around you and how to read their body language.


The Second Stage will focus on Avoidance. How to get the hell out of Dodge when you have become Aware something isn't right.


The Third Stage deals with Defence when stages 1 & 2 have failed. Hand to hand combat with somebody who has a bladed instrument and is intent on maiming or killing you!


Through this course, the consequences of being unprepared will be made clear. At times the training will be fast and furious and with your adrenaline pumping you will learn how to keep a level head and make it out alive as you put in to practice what I teach you.


The price of the course is £600 based on 6 x 2 hour sessions

and can be 121 or a Small group.


I pray you never have to use what I teach here,

But it may just save your life!


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